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“Welcome to Alpha Hood Cleaning, your premier choice for professional hood cleaning services. We specialize in the thorough and efficient cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust systems, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers. 


Your hood cleaning crew!

Deep cleaning is a great part of what we do.

Top to bottom cleaning at your premises. A very thorough and detailed service is carried on by our crew. Your kitchen will be sparkling clean, looking new again.

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Ray Viana

Sales Manager 

I’ll be with you throughout the service making sure youre happy with the results

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Team Leader / Electrician

Making sure your kitchen is clean and running at its best perfromance, always keeping the team motivated.


Service Manager / Electrician 

A results driven guy who’ll ensure that nothing is left out when it comes to delivering service.

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How Often Should I get my Hoods Cleaned?

The general rule of thumb for kitchen hood cleaning is every three months but this depends on several factors our experts can help you access. Some commercial/restaurant exhaust systems that use wood or charcoal-burning stoves need to be inspected/cleaned monthly.

What happens if I Don't Clean my Hoods?

A dirty range hood can form clogs of all kinds of debris, grease, and muck. A clogged-up machine never runs as well as a thoroughly cleaned-out one. Plus, when you run a dirty range hood, you may be allowing all that muck to escape back into your air, especially if you have a ductless range hood.

When should I get a Deep Clean?

It’s essential to give the kitchen a deep clean each month, or at least four times a year, depending on how much dirt and grime accumulates. Some of the items you should include on your deep clean list include: Floor, equipment, freezers, walls; top to bottom.

Can I have the taff do the Hood Cleaning?

While restaurant staff members are expected to clean the exterior surfaces of exhaust hoods as part of their regular kitchen maintenance procedures, keeping the system thoroughly cleaned to Florida fire safety standards requires a trained and licensed hood cleaning professional according to procedures outlined in NFPA 96. It’s not only the standard for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations, but it’s a requirement by the city of Florida.

Nightly Cleaning.

Your reestaurant clean and sanitized 7 days a week 

With a very detailed service we get your premises cleaned and ready to attend to your finest clientele to satisfaction.

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